Access Philanthropy

Access Philanthropy is a research institute that helps their clients find the right philanthropic partnerships. They point nonprofits toward the funders best suited to their causes. And they work with foundations and businesses to strengthen their charitable impact.

Access Philanthropy provides numerous services to funders and fund seekers alike. Because they serve multiple audiences and offer so many services, they were having trouble concisely communicating who they are and what they do. Their website messaging wasn’t clear. In an attempt to reach every audience at once, they weren’t effectively reaching anyone.

The first step was to clarify audience perspectives and needs in a content strategy. Then, I crafted simple positioning statements for the homepage, to communicate in a few seconds what Access Philanthropy has to offer. The rest of the site copy followed suit, with clear, targeted messaging. The different audiences were offered clear pathways to the content they were seeking, so they could find what they came for in just a few clicks.

Services: Content strategy, IA support, writing

Project completed in partnership with Arrowplane.

  • Client Access Philanthropy
  • Date May 25, 2015
  • Tags Content Strategy, IA Support, Nonprofit, Writing
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