In Touch

In Touch offers ethics hotlines, compliance case management solutions and exit interview services. Companies use In Touch services to increase employee satisfaction and turnover, uncover risks and problems, and make their organizations safer and stronger.

Many In Touch customers are large public companies required by law to provide employees with a way to anonymously make complaints. Most organizations come to the In Touch website already sold on the idea that they need the services. They’re simply looking for confirmation that In Touch is the best choice.

The existing In Touch website felt dated, disorganized, and didn’t reflect the company’s high level of professionalism and expertise. It also didn’t tout one of In Touch’s most unique benefits: The company’s comparatively small size, which helps them offer highly personalized service to clients.

I began by interviewing key stakeholders at In Touch, to better understand the wants, needs and beliefs of the company’s target audiences. I used this information to craft a content strategy, which served as the the foundation for the updated key messages and web content.

Project completed in partnership with Arrowplane.

  • Date May 25, 2014
  • Tags Content Strategy, Human Resources, IA Support, Writing