Prinsco provides water management solutions for the agricultural, commercial and retail markets. Headquartered in rural Minnesota for over 40 years, Prinsco has built strong customer relationships in the Midwest and beyond.

The company has three distinct audience groups (agriculture, commercial, retail), each with different needs. Trying to speak to all three groups at once didn’t work—their priorities were too different, and the messaging was muddy. We had to create a site that served everyone equally well.

Also, the existing site’s content was hard to digest, weighed down by too much technical language. On websites for industry insiders, the challenge is to use the right terminology, yet still sound approachable and clear. In this regard, Prinsco content needed to be calibrated.


I worked with Arrowplane to architect a new sitemap with three distinct audience areas. An eye-catching top navigation invites users to select their industry, then explore corresponding products.

My content strategy took a deep dive into the needs, wants, and barriers to engagement for each of the three groups. After learning more about each audience and water management solutions, I was able to write clear, readable content that informed and guided users, and supported the Prinsco brand.

Project completed in partnership with Arrowplane.

Services: Content strategy, IA support, writing

  • Client Prinsco
  • Date May 30, 2016
  • Tags Agriculture, Content Strategy, IA Support, Retail, Writing
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