Content strategy

Effective content starts with a content strategy. This document defines your business objectives, target audiences and key messages. It helps to sync up the project team, so everyone’s working toward the same goals. Let me:

  • Audit existing content, to identify what needs improvement
  • Research your target audiences, to learn more about what they need and want
  • Craft key messages that satisfy both your audiences’ needs and your business goals
Writing for web & print

Is the text on your website or print brochure clear and helpful to your target audience, or does it get in their way? I can help you create clean, readable content. Eye-catching headlines and links. I keep it simple to let your key messages shine through. Hire me to:

  • Write strategic content for your website, catalog, brochures and more
  • Name your company, product or service
  • Ghost-write an article or blog post. I’ll ask you questions to root out the right content, and use my editorial expertise to finesse your words
Social media management

Maintaining a presence on Twitter, Facebook and other channels is key to building a relationship with customers. But it can be hard to craft meaningful posts twice a day, every day. The secret is planning ahead! I can work with you to:

  • Create an editorial calendar, planning for up to a year of posts
  • Write posts and upload them to Twitter, Facebook and more
  • Oversee your social media accounts, so your in-house team can focus on other tasks
Content interviews & workshops

The knowledge you need to create great content is already within your company. But knowing how to extract that information and turn it into messages that engage your audiences—that’s tricky. I can help you discover and express your organization’s best features and fortes. Hire me to:

  • Conduct interviews with project stakeholders, to identify benefits that should be highlighted
  • Lead group workshops to define project goals, brand attributes, key messages and more
IA support

IA is its own specialization, but content strategy closely relates to content organization. So if your website is relatively small, I can help bring the site structure into focus. I can:

  • Define web sections & pages, driven by an understanding of user needs
  • Collaborate with your information architect or UX specialist
  • Name web pages, and create intuitive labels for site sections and buttons

Before I became a writer, I worked as a voiceover artist and on-camera talent. I rely on this experience, along with over a decade as a writer, to craft clear and engaging audio and video scripts. Hire me to:

  • Write scripts for your audio and video projects
  • Collaborate with your in-house team, which may include designers, creative directors and a film crew
  • Attend the video shoot or recording, to provide last-minute edits as needed

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