Connect Homes

For over 10 years, Connect Homes has designed and built high-end modular prefab homes in California. Their primary target market is affluent California residents who enjoy modern, efficient design. But their modular units also appeal to cities and organizations building shelter solutions for unhoused people. Connect Homes has won awards on multiple fronts–for their high-end modern designs as well as their social impact.

Connect Homes had an existing website, but it wasn’t telling a consistent or compelling story. There were plenty of pretty pictures that showed the architectural and building expertise of the company, but the messaging wasn’t strong. The site also felt somewhat sterile and static, lacking the humanity and warmth that could help prospective customers envision living in a Connect Homes build. Lastly, Connect Homes wanted to start an email drip campaign to stay in touch with existing contacts and generate new leads, and the emails they had been sending lacked cohesion and clarity.

The first step was to clarify the purpose and goals of the website and email campaigns, learn more about prospective customers, and get the team on the same page messaging-wise. We did this by conducting stakeholder interviews and background research, then writing a content strategy that solidified goals, audiences, and key messages. We used this content strategy to architect the site and write SEO-optimized website content in collaboration with Connect Homes and Cue Design. We designed and wrote several email drip campaigns and relationship-building email campaigns, using a brand-consistent voice and tone. To breathe more humanity and warmth into the web presence, we developed blog posts that told the stories of happy Connect Homes customers.

Skills/services: Content strategy, writing, UX and IA support

Project completed in partnership with Cue Design.